Louie Leu Architect

Collaborations - Florence, Italy

From 1991 to 1993, Louie Leu worked in Florence, Italy in the Studio of Italian Architect, Professor Bruno Gemignani and collaborated in the role of Executive Architect on several significant projects, including educational facilities, mixed-use residential and commercial buildings.

1. Via Panciatichi 36,600 sq. mt. mixed-use industrial residential building

2. Via Aretina 9,500 sq. mt. mixed-use residential commercial building

3. Via B. Latini 2,800 sq. mt. multi-family residential building, Florence, Italy

4. Bank of Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena Interior renovation, Citta di Castello, Italy

5. Via Di Novoli 6,900 sq. mt. mixed-use residential commercial building (un-built)

6. Viale Morgani, Center for University Studies (un-built)

Professor Bruno Gemignani