Louie Leu Architect

Schwab Residential Center at Stanford

The Schwab Residential Learning Center at Stanford University is designed by Mexican Architect, Ricardo Legorreta, and supports the Graduate School of Business and Executive Training Program.

The 180,000 sq. ft. facility consists of 280 guest rooms, 22 study room, 4 lounges, 2 dining halls, a commercial kitchen, a fitness center, and administrative offices. The buildings are grouped around 4 courtyards, much in the tradition of traditional haciendas and early Stanford residential buildings. Use of different colors and landscape themes provide organization and distinction of different functions. Louie Leu performed in the role of executive Project Architect of the original facility with Steinberg Architects and was retained as Architect on three subsequent improvements and additions to the Schwab Residential Learning Center.

Completed in 1997

Linbeck Construction